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Why go remote?

ThinLinc® remote desktops provide a number of distinct advantages over traditional PCs, for both users and administrators alike.

Access from any location

Reach your personal desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection. No need for a VPN when working from home or abroad.

Access from any device

Shut down the classroom PC, log back in from a friend's laptop at home. Even your windows are just where you left them.

Cost savings

Server-based computing is more cost-efficient than traditional desktops. No more splashing out on expensive hardware.


All data is transferred over an encrypted SSH tunnel, so you can connect from anywhere with confidence. Nothing is stored locally unless you want it to be.


Features such as full-duplex audio and local printing support will make you forget that your desktop isn't being run on the machine you're sitting right in front of.


Efficient resource allocation makes better use of server-side hardware, while optimised protocols transfer the desktop seamlessly to your screen.

In-house vs. Hosted

ThinLinc can be installed in-house on your own hardware, or purchased as a fully managed cloud-based solution. Below you'll find some guidelines to help you decide which solution is most appropriate for your organisation.

Better for larger installations

For complex installations supporting many users, organisations may find that an in-house solution is the more cost-effective and flexible option.

Special requirements?

For installations requiring specialised hardware (such as GPUs) or software applications, an in-house solution is often more appropriate.

Take full control

You maintain full control over your data and infrastructure, and perform your own maintenance and upgrades.

Better for smaller installations

For smaller or less complex installations, a hosted solution often provides lower TCO than setting up in-house.

Temporary requirements?

If you require additional desktops on a short-term, short notice, or per-project basis, a hosted solution allows you to provision these resources in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

Testing and evaluation

A hosted solution allows you to trial remote desktop computing on a smaller scale before you decide to go all-in.

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