A safe place for all your data

Nextcloud is a mature, fully-featured, open-source solution for storing your information in the cloud. Rather than relying on proprietary services run by organizations which make money off farming your data, Nextcloud allows you to maintain control by putting it all back in your hands. Nextcloud can either be installed on-site, or in the cloud as part of a fully managed and hosted solution provided by MUTEX.

For further information on the features and benefits of Nextcloud, visit their website at https://nextcloud.com.

Our Services

MUTEX provides a complete hosted and managed Nextcloud offering, giving you an easy-option turnkey solution. This includes management of SSL certificates, updates, and support. Nextcloud can even be integrated with LDAP services for larger installation, providing an easy way to manage your users and identity information.

If you prefer to have your Nextcloud installation on-site, MUTEX provides consultation and support services. We have a number of years experience installing/configuring Nextcloud/OwnCloud, and run it ourselves in-house. Talk to us if  you're looking at doing the same.

Nextcloud integrates well with our remote desktop environments, and makes a perfect partner to these services. Files can be uploaded and shared with other desktop users, providing seamless integration with mobile devices and physical desktops of all types. Both systems can be tied together with LDAP, greatly simplifying user management.