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Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Suffer Global Outage

Major social media services are suffering outages today, further highlighting the importance of decentralised services. It’ll likely be a while before anyone figures out exactly Whatsappened, but security researcher Brian Krebs seems to think the following:

Amazon to Spend $7.5b on Datacenters in Auckland

Amazon have announced they’ll be joining Microsoft in the New Zealand market, which above all else, means we’re going to have to put up with two marketing departments trying to compete with each other for the cleverest use of “long white cloud” in their advertising campaigns. We’ll all be looking forward to that.

CERT NZ Reporting DDOS Attack on NZ Organizations

If you’ve been having trouble accessing services like KiwiBank and NZ Post recently, the latest announcement by CERT NZ may shed some light on the matter. While still pretty scarce ondetail, it sounds like there is a DDoS attack underway targeting several NZ organisations.

ThinLinc 4.13.0 Released

ThinLinc 4.13.0 has been released after nearly 8 months of development. According to the release notes the re are 120+ enhancements and fixes, but the big news is support for Python 3. That makes this release very much worth updating to, since Python 2 is no longer receiving security updates and will likely be removed from most distributions in short order.