In a busy fourth quarter of 2021 for cyber trolls, New Zealanders reported 3,977 cyber incidents, a 92% increase on the third quarter, according to CERT NZ.

Direct financial loss arose from 425 of these cases, totalling a whopping $6.6 million across all incident types. That’s double the loss in the third quarter, and the highest quarterly loss since CERT NZ started capturing this data in 2017.

The majority ($5.9 million) went down the gurgler in the ‘scams and fraud’ category, the specific troll tricks and the amount Kiwis lost to them were:

  • $2.3m lost to scams relating to buying, selling and donating goods online
  • $1.8m lost to investment scams
  • $1.1m lost to scams about a new job or business opportunity
  • The remaining $0.7m was lost to other scams, not in those categories
  • The majority (76%) of the 3,977 incidents were reported directly to CERT NZ, but some came through other channels such as the Department of Internal Affairs, Police and the Commerce Commission.

“The increase in reports demonstrates that New Zealanders are becoming more aware and better skilled at recognising cyber security incidents”.

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