In another series of platform outages, AWS has this morning been experiencing downtime. The issues have been reported to affect sites including Facebook, Amazon, McDonalds, and several gaming platforms, according to Downdetector:

AWS According to Downdetector

Amazon is being fairly quiet on the reasons behind this outage, stating simply that “the root cause of this issue is an impairment of several network devices”.

At the same time, CERT NZ’s latest quarterly report is showing a 53% increase in incidents compared to last quarter, albeit slightly lower than the Q2 and Q3 tallies for 2020. WIth more people stuck at home during lockdown, scammers are busy building new trojans, worms, and malware, with fake package tracing notification being a popular bait to get people to click on bogus links. Extra vigilance is required, especially around the Christmas period.


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