ThinLinc 4.10 Released

Cendio has announced the release of ThinLinc version 4.10. This has been a fairly long release (~10 months), with a correspondingly large number of changes and enhancements. A couple of key points to note:

  • Publishing of Windows desktops and applications is no longer officially supported by Cendio, starting with this release. ThinLinc is still fully capable of providing Windows access, however support for doing so will need to come via a third-party as Cendio has decided to put full focus into Linux-only environments.
  • ThinLinc 4.10 has support for "subcluster" configuration. This enables administrators to split a cluster up into several groups of agents, and control who gets access to which one. This feature replaces explicit agent selection or specific groups or users with a much more flexible and generalised approach.
  • Support for publishing *NIX apps from remote applications servers has been removed. This only removes the features within ThinLinc, X-forwarding is still possible if that's what you want to do. You just have to set it up yourself.

So a few things removed in this release, however in my opinion, this gives a much cleaner, streamlined and focused product, while still giving people the freedom to implement the removed features themselves if it's something they require. Good to see a focused product which plays to its strengths. I'll be rolling out this upgrade over the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see if #4735 gives improved performance over 3G/4G, since I know a lot of users here (myself included) access their ThinLinc sessions this way regularly.

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