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Cendio have just announced the discontinuation of official RDP support for their remote desktop server, ThinLinc. The key reason behind this move is adapting to end-user requirements, and freeing up resources to focus on features which are important to the majority of the ThinLinc user base:

ThinLinc has had a long history and we've seen various shifts
in our user base over that time. The last few years things have settled
down and we now see a stable pattern of ThinLinc being used for Linux
desktops and applications.

Support for publishing Windows desktops and applications from ThinLinc will be maintained by Cendio for all current versions until end-of-life, which is three years from release date. Versions released subsequent to version 4.9 will not include RDP integration out-of-the-box, and support will not be provided by Cendio for Windows integration in the product. However, for those still wanting to access Windows desktops and applications via ThinLinc, there are a number of options available.

Since an RDP client is just another application being run inside the ThinLinc session, manual integration is quite trivial using your choice of client, with two popular examples being rdesktop and FreeRDP. The tools previously available within ThinLinc for administering and integrating Windows servers will be gone, so these operations will need to be performed manually using third-party tools. However, the feature set can still be maintained.

For those less technically inclined, there are at least two companies offering RDP, one of which is MUTEX based in New Zealand. The other is Credative based in Germany. Both companies are providing support services for RDP integration in ThinLinc, so if you require this functionality moving forward then don't hesitate to get in touch.

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