Cendio releases ThinLinc v4.8.0

Cendio have just released a new version of ThinLinc, 4.8.0. According to the release notes:

  • The platform requirements for Windows has been raised for both ThinLinc Clients and Windows Remote Desktop Services. The minimum requirement is now Windows 7 for the ThinLinc Client and Windows 2008 for Windows Remote Desktop Services.

  • The ThinLinc Master and Agent services has been optimized for better performance in clusters with a high number of concurrent users.

  • Many improvements and bug fixes has been made to the ThinLinc Web Access client.

An interesting change in this release for those who rely on the free licenses that ThinLinc ships with, is that the number of these licenses has been reduced from 10 to 5. Those who are running a large number of concurrent users, however, will be pleased to see improvements in verifying sessions and handling unreachable ones, which should improve both performance and reliability. As is often the case, a number of cryptographic software upgrades - and a couple of vulnerability fixes - means we'll be upgrading to this release ASAP.

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