MUTEX builds systems in accordance with the principles of distributed DevOps, using open software and open standards. We aim to provide companies and organisations an alternative to proprietary, black-box products by offering tailored solutions based on open-source software instead.

  • File-sharing, contacts and calendar using Nextcloud
  • E-mail services using industry standards such as Dovecot and Postfix
  • Remote desktop services using ThinLinc
  • Web services based on projects like Apache, NGINX, MariaDB and PostgreSQL
  • Social platforms based on Discourse and Mastodon
  • Linux-based systems development and engineering

Distributed DevOps means these services are hosted on systems which you control, in the cloud or on-site. Your data remains yours, and you remain free from vendor lock-in. Your systems are secure, and built to fit your specific needs. These are the value propositions which MUTEX provides.


bespoke | open | secure